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Bird Penguin

Developer: kurnic

In Bird Penguin, you will help the Flying Penguin to fly like a Birdman using penguin egg power and egg boom. So if you like bird game, penguin game or Arcade game, you will certainly enjoy controlling the one resolute Bird Penguin who wants to fly higher in the blue sky. Our penguin is a merger and fusion of two small Flying Penguins who are separated while trying to avoid the coming down obstacles.Bird Penguin game principle is intelligible. Using Egg power and Egg Boom, the Penguin become able to fly with small wings and should, then, avoid the coming down lightning barriers. So, as much as you avoid more obstacles and gain more points, the level difficulty rises and the barriers speed increases. So, much more than a free Arcade game, Bird Penguin tests your exactitude, rapidity, reaction time, focus and accuracy.It has also Google Play Leaderboards. You can challenge players from all over the world and compare scores. So, now, with games played and high score leaderboards! Get to the top of the leaderboards and collect as many of the achievements.With Bird Penguin, you are also able to share the link game via WhatsApp with your friends to compete and amaze them. Knowing that our game App supports all screen sizes Tablet or Mobile.Using an elegant and well-matched design and also a beautiful Motivating sound make our special Arcade game suitable for all ages: young, adult and old.So, be competitive and reach the most difficult levels by gaining more high scores and adapting your screen taps to the lightning barriers speed.Features:- Control one Super Penguin or two small Flying Penguins by tapping quickly and in the right time on the screen and avoiding the lightning coming down barriers.- Different increasing levels difficulty.- Pause mode ability while playing.- Simple and intuitive functionalities.- Elegant and well-matched design.- Beautiful Motivating sound.- Share link game with your friends to compete them via: SMS, Skype, Gmail, Messenger, DLNA, Keep, File commander, Android Beam, Bluetooth, Drive, Email, WhatsApp and so on.- Games played and High score Google Play Leaderboards.- All screen sizes supported: Tablet and Mobile.- A free Arcade game, Bird game and Penguin game App.Wait other amazing novelties in the future updates and visit our Facebook page.